Friday, January 31, 2014

Why I'm Leaving My Beloved Home State For Michigan

I am an Autistic adult who is tired of being alone and lonely and not being able to have people i can call on when i need something to be done, or for something to happen.

I have had far too many people say and promise that they were going to do things for me, and then they either blow me off, walk out on me, or turn against me.
**The Tri-Counties Regional Center repeatedly refusing to help me because i am too "high-functioning".
**No help either from Santa Barbara County Mental Health for the same reason as above.
**The lady from the Santa Barbara County chapter of The Autism Society Of The United States walking out on me when she seemed to not like me, and then she failed to write the letters she was going to write on my behalf to the auto shop and other businesses where i still have problems. She then went onto villify me, saying that i didn't **want** to be helped and didn't **appreciate** her efforts to **fix** me and **problem solve** me.
**The lady from the Independent Living Resource Center, also blowing me off several times when i tried to get help from them. She did finally come up with a plan but then abandoned me again, and refused to return my frantic phone calls.
**The Community Partners In Caring and Area Center on Aging also blowing me off because i am in my early 50's and not the required age of eligibility of age 62.
**All of the churches where i went and was shunned and ignored for being too needy and too high maintenance.
**All of the TV stations and newspapers i appealed to to have them please tell my story, and they too, ignored me.
**Am also leaving this street, where, for the past 23 years, i have been subjected to being ignored, more shunning, and lots and lots of bullying and terroristic actions of many of my neighbors here, with nothing being done about it, with my physical and emotional health going way downhill in the process, and now my days and nights are even switched because of this.
**The way most of the police and my city's government has also made me feel stigmatized and villified.....
**The lack of real friends who i can hang out with, call, do things with, and go places with, people who truly "GET" Autism.
**All of the friends and caregivers and others who have turned against me.
**All of the Thanksgivings and Christmases i have had to spend here in my house all alone too.

My home state that i love so much....has utterly shunned me and let me down.

In Michigan lies the promise of REAL hope for once in my life, that i WILL finally get all of the help, services and supports i have been craving and needing all this time. I will actually have friends there also, who won't walk out on me, yell at me, belittle me, and turn against me.

In Michigan, people will understand and know...i will have a place at the dinner table there that i don't have here where i grew up. I will have the good quality healthcare there that i haven't been able to get here.

I will have my LIFE back in Michigan!!!! And Michigan IS a gorgeous state too!!!

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