Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Comcast Rant Of March 2015

Does Comcast care about its customers?
No, i do not think they do anymore.
Is Comcast really trying to change its customer service for the better like they say they are?
No, not when it has now been made even more impossible to reach a live customer service representative who speaks clearly to you so you can understand them, and who knows what they are doing, and is not loudly rude and does not cut you off mid-call.
No one at Comcast seems to answer people's complaints anymore. Or resolve them.
On their Facebook page, i have now observed that customer complaints get ignored there too now. 
For a disabled person such as myself who is mostly confined to my house, and who depends on my internet because i am alone and lonely, because most of my support network, my disabled community, my friends are online, because i need to get important messages from my caregiver when she is running late or will be late, it presents a very real state of raw fear and panic when my internet goes down and i am unable to get a live person to talk to anymore.
I am Autistic, and losing my internet puts me in such a panic that i have meltdowns until i see that it is fixed.
Those meltdowns take alot of my energy.
Especially when i am unable to get a live person i can talk to who will tell me what is going on, and when it will be restored.
But does Comcast care? No. They do not seem to anymore.
I am no longer accomodated by them like i was for awhile. For awhile, in 2010, local techs would call to let me know when the internet was going to be off, and they would let me know when it would be back on, so at least i would KNOW.
Instead, i am labeled a nuisance caller, and dismissed now.
I don't call them everyday. But i do call them when my internet is out, and all i get are automated messages.
The phone number for my Gateway Wireless Tech Support keeps getting changed. ALL the time now. It just got changed again. This time? I now do not know what that phone number is. That throws me into an even more panic.
I am not slandering Comcast. 
Just go on their Facebook page and click on Posts By Others, and you will see it is rife with complaints. 
Just Google Comcast Customer Complaints on Google and YouTube and see the hundreds of thousands of negative articles and videos about them.
Google their Better Business Bureau complaints and rating with BBB, and you will see numerous complaints and a rating that is very low, there too.
I sincerely can hardly wait until i can get a way to move North to ther next county, so that i can have Charter for my high speed internet, because in San Luis Obispo County, CA, Charter has a very good reputation for providing its customers with sincerely good customer service. I don't hear or see as many complaints about Charter or Cox Cable, as i do Comcast. But Charter and Cox are not partly owned by NBC/Universal and General Electric. Since Comcast has merged with these other companies, they seem to ignore us now. 
I truly wish i had an alternative for unlimited high speed internet.
I do not as long as i live in Santa Maria CA.I do not feel that is right or fair.