Saturday, March 10, 2012

Seeking Literary Expertise And Support

My purpose is three-fold as follows:

1) Finding an experienced published author who's patient and understanding of autism to work with me on a pro-bono basis in writing and helping me publish my autobiography.

2) With autism/asperger's on the rise, the primary intent of my autobiography is to lend insight, educate, and spread awareness to this condition affecting thousands upon thousands of people and their families. Many normal people (without autism/asperger's) react to us hostily or they shun us and harshly pull away. They don't think we have feelings or suffer pain as they do. We are "not" different in that way, which is what I intend to make clear in my autobiography. We are only different in that we have varied and complex sensory points and lack normal interactory people skills. This does not make us dangerous unless we are put on, or forced to take, certain medications which have the known and proven side-effects to cause even a normal person to lose control. I have not been on any such medications, nor do i ever wish to be. I also wish to show in my autobiography that, while we have difficult complexities to struggle with, we also have varied personal quirks which we like and don't wish to change. Most of us with autism/asperger's like a big part of who we are, even if normal people don't, and all we're asking is to be respected and understood just as we respect and try to understand normal people for how they are. It's called, "working together," or does that only imply to normal people?

3) Lastly, 19+ years ago, my well-meaning parents set up a non-funded trust and home for me in what was then a nice section of town. It is no longer a "nice" part of town and my family doesn't have the financial means to relocate me (the financial part is a little complicated). Suffice to say, I'm hoping some of the proceeds from this book will help me to relocate. My health depends on this happening. The street noise, in the particular location where I live, is horrendous coupled with the fact that there are auto shops nearby and some of the men who work in them are not autism understanding, to say the least. Noise and cruel/harsh words are major sensory issues for most people with autism/asperger's, as will be explained in my autobiography.