Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Life In A Nutshell-----

----is both a blessing and curse for me. For all of my adult life, i have been a nightowl. Hey, i've never been able to work, so why not? I simply tend to do my best at is the nighttimes, when i feel less threatened by hostile outside distractions.....and, i can get my reading, writing, and other projects, done. When i do finally get tired around 3:00AM or 4:00AM in the morning....i have to sleep with all the lights on....because this happy autistic puppy is still very, very afraid of sleeping in a dark house. When it is stormy, i keep a flashlight right beside me, and sleep very fitfully, with heart palpitations galore----fearing that the electricity will suddenly go out. Booooo!!

In the daytimes, i usually arise between ten-thirty A.M.--on good days, and at 12 noon, or 1:00 P.M. on my bad days. The first thing that gets turned on is my TV, to the Food Ch., then the ABC soap operas, which i have been addicted to since 5th grade. Next, comes the computer, where there are usually nice emails from my sisters, and a few of my closest friends. On my good days, i am able to get a shower in before the soaps come on---on my bad days, i just go grunge,'n "fuggeddaboudit". For my lunch, i'll heat microwaveable entrees like spaghetti, tuna noodle casserole, or meatball & mozarella Hot Pockets....along with a glass of milk, and two cheese sticks, and a vitamin C pill. No muss no fuss.

After my soaps are over, i go on the internet, and surf. My favorite sites are YouTube, MySpace, and Google, cuz i love watching all the different videos. If i have appointments, i go to them----that is, if i'm not having a bad day. And, no matter what, I always eat my second meal out somewhere--usually at one of about five specific places, where the employees all know me, and treat me kindly. It is because i don't cook. I can't handle anything that's too difficult...or complex...and i have weird food-handling phobias, too. I'm afraid to touch raw poultry and meat now that it's become all germ and bacteria-infested. In addition to my autism, i also am chronically obsessive-compulsive--OCD to da MAXX!!!! And, because i tend to really wig out when people are mean and rude to me, i am relegated to shopping only at places like Target, Walgreens, and Albertsons,---because i know the people who work at those places will always treat me friendly and nice, as well. Then, i come home, and surf the net some more, and i watch more TV. I also call my mom several times a day. She, and two of my sisters,---the ones who email me---- are some of my few true friends in life. Outside of them, i have a few other very good devoted friends who i can safely trust with my life.

Oh...and i cannot end this blog without mentioning my total love for alternative rock, and Christian rock music-----i have always really been into this music. Despite my autism, the noise of rock 'n roll has never bothered me at the 'Seventies and 'Eighties, i was even into heavy metal---i loved everything from Led Zep to Def Lep---and Metallica, and Pantera too!!!!! Now, my favorites include artists like Arcade Fire, Snow Patrol, MGMT, Killers, Coldplay,----and, on and on i could go forever---because this Aspie chick loves her lists!!!!!! And, she loves alot of bands and artists!!!!

So-----this is my life---in as much of a nutshell as i could put it into. There's till lots----and lots---more to my story. I deleted all the other blogs i had on here, because they were long and rambling....i wouldn't even want to read they went. So---till next time, i leave you with this thought---never turn away from those who are different and not like you---that person may just turn out to be an angel from Heaven, sent by God, to test your hearts. Go and be kind to someone today!! Peace and Love, Me