Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Life In A Nutshell-----

----is both a blessing and curse for me. For all of my adult life, i have been a nightowl. Hey, i've never been able to work, so why not? I simply tend to do my best at is the nighttimes, when i feel less threatened by hostile outside distractions.....and, i can get my reading, writing, and other projects, done. When i do finally get tired around 3:00AM or 4:00AM in the morning....i have to sleep with all the lights on....because this happy autistic puppy is still very, very afraid of sleeping in a dark house. When it is stormy, i keep a flashlight right beside me, and sleep very fitfully, with heart palpitations galore----fearing that the electricity will suddenly go out. Booooo!!

In the daytimes, i usually arise between ten-thirty A.M.--on good days, and at 12 noon, or 1:00 P.M. on my bad days. The first thing that gets turned on is my TV, to the Food Ch., then the ABC soap operas, which i have been addicted to since 5th grade. Next, comes the computer, where there are usually nice emails from my sisters, and a few of my closest friends. On my good days, i am able to get a shower in before the soaps come on---on my bad days, i just go grunge,'n "fuggeddaboudit". For my lunch, i'll heat microwaveable entrees like spaghetti, tuna noodle casserole, or meatball & mozarella Hot Pockets....along with a glass of milk, and two cheese sticks, and a vitamin C pill. No muss no fuss.

After my soaps are over, i go on the internet, and surf. My favorite sites are YouTube, MySpace, and Google, cuz i love watching all the different videos. If i have appointments, i go to them----that is, if i'm not having a bad day. And, no matter what, I always eat my second meal out somewhere--usually at one of about five specific places, where the employees all know me, and treat me kindly. It is because i don't cook. I can't handle anything that's too difficult...or complex...and i have weird food-handling phobias, too. I'm afraid to touch raw poultry and meat now that it's become all germ and bacteria-infested. In addition to my autism, i also am chronically obsessive-compulsive--OCD to da MAXX!!!! And, because i tend to really wig out when people are mean and rude to me, i am relegated to shopping only at places like Target, Walgreens, and Albertsons,---because i know the people who work at those places will always treat me friendly and nice, as well. Then, i come home, and surf the net some more, and i watch more TV. I also call my mom several times a day. She, and two of my sisters,---the ones who email me---- are some of my few true friends in life. Outside of them, i have a few other very good devoted friends who i can safely trust with my life.

Oh...and i cannot end this blog without mentioning my total love for alternative rock, and Christian rock music-----i have always really been into this music. Despite my autism, the noise of rock 'n roll has never bothered me at the 'Seventies and 'Eighties, i was even into heavy metal---i loved everything from Led Zep to Def Lep---and Metallica, and Pantera too!!!!! Now, my favorites include artists like Arcade Fire, Snow Patrol, MGMT, Killers, Coldplay,----and, on and on i could go forever---because this Aspie chick loves her lists!!!!!! And, she loves alot of bands and artists!!!!

So-----this is my life---in as much of a nutshell as i could put it into. There's till lots----and lots---more to my story. I deleted all the other blogs i had on here, because they were long and rambling....i wouldn't even want to read they went. So---till next time, i leave you with this thought---never turn away from those who are different and not like you---that person may just turn out to be an angel from Heaven, sent by God, to test your hearts. Go and be kind to someone today!! Peace and Love, Me

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Sarah said...

If you like Christian Rock music, you would probably like the bands Fireflight and Skillet. Unbreakable by Fireflight, Stand Up by Fireflight, and Rebirthing by Skillet are very good songs.