Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday In Hell Again!!

Well--i had a very beautiful day and night yesterday---Sunday!! :) Last night, i even went to sleep for alittle while around 11:30 PM, with my computer streaming one of the Christian rock stations i like to listen to during the night. I got three hours of sleep--but--it was a very restful, peaceful sleep, and i awoke again at 1:30 this morning, and got to finally get my other desk straightened out, then get all caught up in my journal. Then, i washed my hair. After that, i got my milk and vitamins, and proceeded to enjoy going on facebook and then YouTube. I was laughing, singing and smiling, because the mean terrorists weren't all here with their loud, souped-up monsters roaring at me with their ugly demonic engines right outside. They are never here at night!! :) And i kept praying so hard that today would be one of those days where the nice police would extra patrol the street to keep it calm for me. I had wanted to go back to bed to get some more sleep--but then, right at 6:30, the races began...and before i knew it--i was back to this other mode again: my riled-up, rolled-up-into-a-tight-ball version of me that i become when the street monkeys are all here and active, running wild and loose. So--i am still up as of 9:15 AM. I am up, partly, so i can rework my biological body clock back to where i am able to to be awake again in the daytimes--so that i can go on a web radio show Wednesday morning, to tell my story.

The street noise has been terrible all morning long, with the monkeys all coming to work. So i have had to turn on my Wall Of TV noise and streaming indie rock music on the computer , to block it out again. This is how i get to live six days a week--sometimes all seven days, because these men have to come here and hot rod all day long.

Back in 2006, on the last weekend of October, one of the auto shops was here that entire weekend, working on their drag racers. They actually had these dragsters out in the open, in the courtyard of their shed where they store them---and the noise had me in a bad, bad, bad, two-day meltdown!! At this time, i had had a videocamera rigged up to a 13-inch TV-and i was able to record this noise--and me, wailing non-stop in sheer agony and pain. I even called the mayor of Santa Maria, because his home phone number is listed in the phone book. My mother had talked to him on a few occasions before about me, so he was, and is, well-aware of my plight here. Mayor Lavagnino was quite rude to me, though, even though i was crying really hard, and he told me to not call him anymore and he hung up on me, in a manner that was nothing but hostile and angry. This only added to my misery--cuz now i had the mayor mad at me!!

So, yes--the whole city is well aware of my plight. Yet this abuse and harrassment---continues. Oh, i was finally able to meet with the owner of the one shop that has the drag racers in Feb. of 2007--and we now have an agreement, that if he has to fire up the dragsters, he tells me now, so i can prepare, and arrange to be gone from here when the dragsters have to be fired up. He now also works on them inside the building too, where the noise isn't as overbearing. Still, though, there are approximatley 6 of his employees, plus their friends, who still do things to purposely antagonize me. In addition, there are three other businesses too,on this street, where i am also terrorized. As for the police--i have called them so many times in the course of the past 17 years of me living here, due to the problems i've had, that most of them now, dislike me, and turn a deaf ear to me. There is even one seargant who actually has a vendetta against me because of things i didn't do in the past that he wanted me to do---and he has made it so that i can no longer call regular dispatch if i have a problem. If i do, they immediately know it;'s me, and i am treated very harshly, even ridiculed and belittled and yelled at by these dispatchers, over the phone!! There have been a few instances where i have had to call 911, too, and nobody ever came. One instance involved a big party that a teenage boy was having down the street. This boy knew, too, all about my autism, and promised he'd keep the mean kids away from my house--but--it didn't happen. The party got out of control, and next thing i knew, these mean kids---were throwing rocks at my house!! When i called 911--and, by the way, i know when and when NOT to call 911--the mean dispatcher asked: "Is this Melissa ******?" When i said yes, she said "Okay, goodbye!", and she fricken hung up on me!!!! When i had to be rushed to the hospital, due to heavy menstrual bleeding---they did send the ambulance right away--(the EMT's were SO sweet and caring and gentle with me that morning!!)--but---they--the dispatchers---were harsh with me that time, as well. Yes, i am now stigmatized at the police dept!! There are only two commanders at that police dept. that i can call now, who both understand and help me when i call. In addition, there are also a handful of other officers there, who also understand my plight with these businesses. But---all of the other officers--have all turned against me.

And so it is another agonizing Monday. My mother is right now, making phone calls to the police commanders on my behalf, and i am trying to talk her into calling my Aunt Virginia again, to just right come out and ask her to help me. Because this is killing me to have to live under these circumstances!!

I know i need help--but not in just one or two areas. I first need to move off of this street, to an area, where i can be away from this battlefield so that i can finally start to heal from my 17 years of torture. And i am not willing to go through anymore government agencies to get help--because the only good help out there---costs good money--and the county and federal govt--offers only minimal, very piss-poor service at best. Been there, done that!! A million times over!! I am just SO tired!! SO very, very tired!!

Well--that is enough for now. I think i can go to sleep now, with my TV and PC blaring, of course! So---i shall talk to you all on my blog wall again very soon!! God bless you all!! :) ****Me****