Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Will Be Okay.....I Just Need A Miracle....And For People To Believe In Me

I will be okay when i know for certain that i have a solid support system of people who will 

not get mad at me, give up on me, walk out on me, and turn against me. And that i know i 

can make it to my bank, post office, stores, shopping, outings, and my vital medical 

appointments for the sake of my health, when i need to do these things. I need to have 

everyone know that i am on a fixed income. I don;t get that much from the government 

each month. Out of that, i have to feed myself, pay my bills, or i go without lights, hot 

water, heat, and i will also default on my credit cards. I have a heart of pure gold, and i 

would never ever try to take anyone of you. I will give what i am able to give, but cannot 

give what i cannot give. Please realize that. I mean only goodwill to all of you. Please 


that, everyone. Please. I am grieving sick, still, over how KT, for no reason, just turned on 

me, and still over how Sh***y took me, and turned on me. I need to know i have support, 

or this just ain't gonna work. Please, in Jesus's name. 

I have to remain hopeful, that my mom will get these houses sold, and that i will get back 

to Michigan as soon as possible. In the meantime, i took my pain meds a bit over an hour 

ago. I have an ultrasound appointment this afternoon for the leg lump. My friend is making 

alot of phone calls for me to arrange for me to have more resources available to me. I am 

hoping a miracle happens for me soon, so i can leave Santa Maria as soon as possible, 

because this town has been mostly so mean to me. I am trying to hang in there. I just 


i can get my iPad soon, so that if i have to be hospitalized again for this leg, i can have 

internet in the hospital. Again, i mean nobody on this earth ANY harm whatsoever. I am 

Autistic, i am NOT retarded, i am not dumb, i am not crazy. I am Autistic, and i am still a 

human being who means nothing but goodwill to all humankind. Please know that, 

everyone. Please don't give up on me and turn against me. Please. I have done nothing 

wrong or bad. I am me. My brain is wired in a different way. Please have mercy on me. 

Thank you. **Melissa**

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