Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One Reason Why I Need To Leave California

I just got done reading an article in the LA Times:


This article is about the possibility of caregivers being paid overtime pay 

nationwide, which i do happen to agree with, but apparently the Governor 

of my home state of California wants to make cuts and cap caregiver hours, if 

this new law is implemented.

What? Seriously? 


Please read the above article. 

Yes, you read right: 

even more cuts for 

those of us 

who can 

ill afford 

anymore cuts to 

our services and supports.

This affects everyone who relies on in home care so that we can remain 

living independently and with dignity in our own homes where we feel safe 

secure and comfortable, among our own surroundings.

This affects ME. 

I already receive 126 hours a month of in-home care from

In Home Supportive Services so that i can survive in my own home and not 

have to face being forced to live in a cold harsh nursing home, where i would 


lose my independence and joy in life. I am actively working to try to get my

health back so that i can drive again, and even begin vocational training so

that i can finally get off all of the government benefits i have been on for the

past 33 years of my adult life. Yes. Seriously. I have lived on government 


pretty much since i graduated from high school, as many of us Autistics end 

up doing, because society still does not want to 

give us a chance in life, 

our own voice

our right to be who we are

without fear of ridicule, judgement,

hatred, rejection, abuse, and downright neglect.

If the rich were to, once and for all, be made to pay their fair share of the tax 

burden, and our gov't would stop cutting all of the vital services and supports 

that we who are disabled need, such as IHSS......and then pay IHSS workers 

decent LIVING wage....we would see a better quality of life for so many 

human beings who depend on these programs so that we can have a humane 


I will never go into a nursing home. 


I refuse to.

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