Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How We Treat Others Needs To Matter-Part 2

Yeah, i slept for about three hours. I am up again for awhile. Our US government needs to take a long hard serious look at caregiver abuse in our country, and there need to be citizen-run oversight committees formed to get this stopped. IHSS needs to be funded well, so that quality people even actual CNA's can be employed as personal caregivers. More choices need to be given us as to which agencies we can choose from, and have it be paid for through our Medicaid and Medicare. People like KT and Sherry need to be fined and jailed for their abuse.

The reason i shake when i first get up, is my upset at the way i continue to be mistreated, the new incident being KT's cruel and insensitive voicemail that she left me yesterday.

KT has upset me for the final time. I will never trust her again. Never let her back into my life again.

My mom is now going to sell these houses, and i am moving to Michigan. I am NOT going to live in California anymore, even though this is my home state and home town, unless it's in an area where i know i will have a solid support network of individuals who truly get Autism, and who will not give up on me, and walk out on me; this support network will be made up of people who will truly care about me and be here for me seven days a week, to help me try to salvage what is left of my health and well-being. And they will become lifelong friends to me, something which i have never had before, with the exception of my mother and two of my six siblings. Yes, i do now have a caregiver who was a caregiver from July to September, and she is a sweet angel. But i live in deep fear now that she will give up on me too. Because of the neglect of my other caregivers, including the one i have nicknamed left leg tumor is now out of control, draining, and is very painful, and i have to take Vicodin and Ativan every 6 hours to keep my life sane and pain free now. KT led me to believe that she cared and had my back, when in reality, i was a great burden to her that she could not wait to get rid of both of the times she worked for me. I now have solid evidence to back this up: screenshots of KT's and my messages, as well as the phone and message records of her phone calls and messages between her and another long distance friend of mine.

This is America. It is time that its most vulnerable citizens who cannot work and fend for themselves be able to have access to top quality health care and in-home care. Just because we have disabilities, and health issues, does not mean we should be abused and exploited the way we are. This needs to be addressed and stopped. We are human beings.

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