Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How We Treat Others DOES Matter

It is funny how when you have a disability such as Autism,
how so few people actually understand and get you. 
In fact, you quickly find out who your true friends are and aren't.
Many people you meet in public are friendly and they
seem to get it on on the surface, but then when a scene
or meltdown happens due to a sensory issue, they are outta sight, outta mind.....
they are like "bye-bye, see ya".....and you are all alone again.
You know you are a good person with a heart of gold, that you never lie, cheat or steal,
and you would give the shirt off of your back to people.
Yet.....caregivers and friends....routinely walk out, turn against you
and give up on you repeatedly, because of the fact that you have meltdowns, 
the fact that you cannot go at that other person's pace,
or always be able to change and go with the flow......
heck, many of our own families even ignore and shun us!!
Many of our families even stubbornly refuse to understand,
even when it is spelled out to them that hey, this is Autism,
this is a real human being with a disorder she was born with
that she cannot help, and it cannot be fixed or cured or wished away....
or ignored away either. Many of those who give up on us and turn against us,
will even go so far as to create a case against us
so that we are victimized and villified as crazy monsters.
It gets harder and harder for me to trust people when this keeps happening.
I did nothing but try to be nice to KT, my last caregiver,
and then she began to make every excuse in the book to not come to help me....
and now i have painfully bad skin breaks all over my left leg tumor as a result of her not coming
that make it even more impossible for me to walk without excruciating pain
KT totally ignored me over Christmas....even so,
i kept reaching out to her to see when she would be back
I even sent her pretty Christmas pictures to cheer her up
because she said she was still very ill but she still continued to ignore me......
and then she suddenly turned nasty and refused to want anymore contact from me
My heart is broken....broken because i trusted this lady and now i must go on....
please people be aware of how you treat special needs/disabled/Autistic people.
We are not "less-than"...we are human beings.
And God sees what you do to us.....He sees it all.
I could never in a million years treat a vulnerable soul the way KT treated me.
Please don't do this to others.

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