Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Internet and Phone Shutdown Hell

Firstly, i want to say that i was very happy to participate in Autistics Speaking Day on November 1st. I wasn't feeling well that day, because i was already in the midst of alot of stress because my internet and digital phone service kept going out on me, beginning on Thursday night, with one outage a day, and then, by Monday and Tuesday, the outages were constant. I did post alot on Facebook and did also try Twitter, but i found Twitter to be too complicated and frustrating, so i went back to posting here on FB. I wanted to blog, but again, i wasn't feeling that well, due to a lack of sleep over my internet isssues. I don't know about you, but i really am quite attached to the internet.....i like to know that it..and here for me when i come to my computer. I love to watch YouTube, stream my favorite music stations, and interact with all of my autistic and non-autistic friends here on FB...and i like to also be able to call my mom, who i sometimes will call several times a day, if i am having a bad day. I also like to be able to call on Garrison as well..he's my kind neighbor who is like the brother i never had, who helps me with the mean bully monster issues i have.

I never got to do a blog that day. By Monday night, my internet and phone service were totally down.....and all that night, it kept going was a dark night for me. With my landline out, all i had to rely on was my little tiny cell phone, which only has 450 daytime minutes a month..and i can hardly see the screen, i can hardly hear on it, and i can't hear when it rings either.

I got forced into my own communications shutdown that night..and it was unbearable. UN-bearable. I never slept. I was on my cell phone, making repeated calls to Comcast all Monday night try to get my freedom back..and got a very frustrating mix of good and bad customer service. Some of the phone techs that i would speak to, were very clipped, uncaring and unhelpful...but others were so nice and kind..and really went out of their way to try to help me.

Digressing back to Saturday evening, a very nice young technician came and changed out all of my connections and ran thorough tests on my phone/internet modem. On Sunday, i had NO problems. But on Monday morning, i lost my phone and internet again..and after that, it just got worse and worse. Tuesday afternoon, another tech and a tech supervisor came here and changed out the wire that goes from the cable outlet on my house to my computer and phone modem. The tech gave me his business card and tokl me to call him directly. They also gave me a brad new phone/internet modem. I had no more problems until Tuesday night, when it again went out..and then it again kept going out all night long. I finally gave up and slept very fitfully for about 5 hours, with just my TV to give me background noise..but i had to go without my music completely..and so that made for another rough night. On Wednesday morning, it went out again..and i had to hear the mean bully monsters' loud hot rodding as a result. But the tech supervisor was now working on the area outage..and it did turn out to be an area outage. I went to do my SSA payday stuff and came back and have had my internet and phone service ever since...even tho there are still some unresolved issues that they still have to take care of.

I am still in close communications with the local tech supervisor..on Tuesday afternoon, he gave me his business card and told me to leave him voice mails if my service cuts out again...and he told me this afternoon that he will keep doing tests on my modem throughout the afternoon and evening. IN addition, he is going to schedule another appointment with me to change out the wire that goes from my outlet to the utility pole, as he sees that it hasn't been changed in a long time. it is ppl like these that give me faith in companies like Comcast.

I do think that Comcast as a whole, do care about their customers. All of the techs who have been to my house over this latest issue, have been so very nice and very understanding. About 50% of their phone techs are also extremely nice and helpful and caring....especially when i tell them about my health issues and autism. I think that Comcast tries to be friendly and accomodating to the special needs community. But i have had some real bad customer service reps too..and they only make my plight that much harder to bear.

Today, it is 90 degrees outside. I have my window A/C unit cranked, but am still hot. Today, the mean bully monsters are all giving me hell again..they are roaring up and down this street like demonic banshees....and they will not stop. But at least i have my internet and phone again...and i can blog and vent about it today, and listen to my music too. Now that i have had a computer for the past 4 years, i have come to really depend on it..and the internet, to be my way to communicate with my wonderful autism community friends who i have found here on FB. My internet and phone outages that happened these past 6 an excellent illustration of how i feel it would have been wrong for anyone of us to do a communications shutdown of Facebook, Twitter, etc. on November 1st...because i really felt like i was muzzled and in jail when i went offline...and kept going offline..and couldn't even use my landline to call Garrison and my mom. I had only that teeny little cell phone with hardly any minutes on it to use.

I am glad that Comcast is, for the most part, a company that cares about its customers. But they do need to work on the ones who don't care. We all need to do better to care about one another and listen to each be here for one another, and to let each other vent when we need to.

I have NO PROBLEM with being autistic..i am PROUD that i AM!!!!!! It's the ones who will NOT open their minds and hearts to us..the ones who refuse to work with us, who refuse to be accepting of us and the ones who refuse to accomodate our sensory issues, that make it so hard, even impossible, sometimes to be an autistic........and....those ppl need to take a step back and really open their hearts and minds to us. It could be their sister or brother or neice or nephew or aunt or uncle, or friends who could be autistic. We are all human beings..and we have the right to BE who we are!!!!!

This is the kind of along the lines of what i wanted to blog about on Monday night when my internet went down and i couldn't.

Thank you all for reading this. God bless you all, my dear sweet angel friends!!!! I love you all!!!!!! <3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3

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