Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Am I A Modern Day Lazarus?

Am I A Modern-Day Lazarus?
by Melissa Fields on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 12:24am
Again tonight
I look up to the sky
As i am crying inside
huge rivers and torrents of tears
It is not easy to just forget
to totally erase away
where i came from
who i am related to by my flesh and blood
like Lazarus in days of old
i feel
always sitting at the foot of my family's table
begging for just their scraps of affection and acceptance
approval and love
and just mostly getting ignored instead
many a night i sit, listening to my
Christian rock
and i pray so hard for all of them
that God will soften their hearts
minds and souls...not just towards me
but towards God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
that the walls will all finally come crumbling down
that they erected between them and i so long ago
sometimes my tears come outside
and i allow them to fall
other times they stay inside
my heart gets broken over and over and over again
i know that the same God who created me
who loves me..also loves all of those who shun me
and i also know that prayers do NOT go unanswered
i pray heart and soul that my family will not
go the way of the rich man who rejected Lazarus
and then he died and then it was too late..i hope and pray
that this will not happen to the ones who ignore me
in my would tear me up to see them perish
all because of their intolerance and inability or willingness
to open up their hearts and minds to me.....
and it is not with hate or malice or judgement that i say this
but it is with nothing but a burning LOVE to see
my family all be saved
God IS real..i know, because He has done miracles already
in the half century that i have been alive
NOTHING is impossible if you believe in God and love Him
and i believe even my family can someday become my friends
because that is what God wants..for us all to love one another
and that means matter what that person's difference
or similarity may be...........AMEN!!!!!
Thank You, Jesus, for dying for me...and for giving me the gift of Life
and Life Abundantly!!!! And for making me autistic and uniquely me!!!!!
God bless you, everyone!!!! Please go and bless as many people today
that you can with the kindness that God put inside of you...let us stand up
and speak out wherever we see people hating on each other and bullying
and oppressing one another...God made us to Love and Hope and have faith
Not to hate and judge and oppress one another. ~~~~<3<3<3<3

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