Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy New Year And I am Spent, Folks!

I am sorry that i haven't written in my blog has continued to be a real everyday, waking nightmare---it is now another New Year,----actually, a whole new decade---and things have not changed. I am still living here on Mean Street, in this little tiny cottage that my mother owns, being literally pummeled every single day by the mean auto shop bully monsters with their loud mean snarling motorcycles, SUV's, pickups, sports cars, and other sonically loud hot rod machines. The terrorization of Melissa---that is myself--- just won't stop. My legs continue to be huge and swollen. My hips hurt. It hurts just to walk to my bathroom from my living room couch. It hurts to be awake.

The good news is that i have now finally been able to find some really cool new friends on Facebook---all people who are either autistic themselves, and/or who have autistic children. I am finally getting somewhere in this battle. I'll write more later, because i haven't been sleeping that well lately--and i need to wake up more. So--i'll see you al alittle later. :)

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