Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What Keeps Me Going

The fact that i can come to my computer anytime of the day and night, and i have supportive friends.
The fact that i have a TV to watch, and can also watch anything i want to watch via YouTube too, online.
The fact that i, as an Autistic adult, now have a real forum to tell my story and post blogs and vlogs.
The weather cooling down yesterday.
My caregiver and friend, Connie.
Facebook and all of you.
My mom and my two nice sisters.
The understanding i have garnered of Autism and Autistic Acceptance through Facebook and the internet.
Again, all of my awesome Autistic/Disabled Community friends.
The fact that it is now officially Autumn.
Getting to go someplace scenic once in awhile.
My Slurpees.
The beautiful sunrises and sunsets when they happen.
Beautiful and unique clouds.
Beautiful scenery....especially seeing pictures of Michigan, The Great Lakes,
New England, New York, NYC, Canada, the Aurora Borealis, the Midnight Sun.
and the Fall Foliage.
Having the hope that i will win the lottery so that i can
finally move away from the mean bullies and their loud bass and hot rod noises,
and get my leg surgery done, so i can have my left leg back.
Hope...always that light of hope that someday it all will get better.
To all of you who suffer because you can't get out and do 
the things you want.....please know, you are not alone.
But as long as we have hope and each other, and people who believe in us
it will always get better.
So keep hoping and dreaming and believing.....and know.....
you are not alone, because we have each other.
And miracles can and do happen.
I believe in a Higher Power and in rainbows and unicorns too.
I would love to wake up one day to see a tye-dyed sky outside.
I do believe that too, can happen.
But in the here and now, the cool thing is that we all have each other.
And that is what gets me through each day.
I love you, everyone. 
Thank you all for being in my life.

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