Saturday, February 22, 2014

If I Could Do So Tonight, I Would......

If i could do so tonight, and i still had my car sitting in my carport in working order and could still drive it.....i would take all the money i have, pack my car to the gills, and head straight up to Idaho to temporarily live with my mom and nice sister, or in a hotel near them, only until i am able to get myself on to Michigan.

If i could do so tonight, i would be in a quiet warm house with all nice neighbors all up and down my street who treat me like i am one of their family. Not this frightening hell hole with all these mean men who are tormenting me to death. 

If i could do so tonight, i would be up at the coast listening to the waves outside of the hotel window i would have rented for myself for the whole weekend.

If i could tonight, and i had the money, i would see to it that i was first set solidly up for life, and then if i had enough left over, and if it was alot of money, i would start up community based housing and support services that would give all Autistic adults real time help, advocacy, vocational training, life skills training, all assistive speech technology, all the tools needed to be able to have a decent life. This program would in NO way be used to fix, cure, or do away with us, but instead, it would be a safe place where we can be who we are. In addition i would see to it that our government would include extensive civil rights laws that would really punish ANYONE who EVER bullied, tormented, or held us back in any way. Anyone caught abusing us, and treating us as less than would be held accountable.

If i could tonight, i would do all i could to make this world an Autistic friendly place. No more would we be subjected to caregiver abuse of any kind, or any abuse, period!!

If i could tonight, i would be in Michigan living near my friend and her family, and we would do all the fun things we as the non-biological sisters would do. We would spend many a night gazing up at the stars in either my backyard or hers, and when the Northern Lights are putting on their show, we would be marveling in awe at them together.

If i could do so tonight, i would teleport myself all over and see all of my Facebook friends.

If i could do so tonight, i would do all of these things.....all of these things......all of them. Every single one of these things.


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