Friday, May 9, 2014

My Big Wishlist

My big wishlist...
would be to have a secure circle of local friends
who are Autistic and who get me and who won't ever flake out on me.
would be to have the money to be able to buy my own nice two bedroom home up in Arroyo Grande and to be able to have the money to pay the taxes, insurance and upkeep for life on my little home. This home would have a nice backyard.
would be to have my legs healed so that i can walk, drive again, and do lots of other things for myself again.
would be to be able to have the money for my new car, and to be able to pay for its upkeep, and insurance for life.
would be to be able to have my trips to Northern Michigan, New York, Washington DC, and New England.
would be to be able to see the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.
would be for me to be able to publish my life story.
would be to have people stop giving up on me and throwing me away.
would be that my family's hearts would all soften towards me and that they'd all stop ignoring me and being angry at me for who i am, and for telling my story.
would be for my mom to be able to have the money to fix these two little cottages up so she can get good rental income off each unit. These two units where i now live need alot of repairs that she just cannot afford at all at this time.
would be for this whole world to start understanding and accepting us stop trying to change us, cure us, and "fix" us.
would be for there to be a REAL safety net for ALL who are disabled that is compassionate, just, and fair. A safety net that cannot and will not ever be cut.
yes, this is my big wishlist

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