Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Doctor's Appointment Today

My Doctor's Appointment Today
by Melissa Fields on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 8:55pm
Hi Everyone!!!!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all who prayed for me that my doctor appointment with my new primary care doctor would go well today.

Well.....things did, and did not work out for me. The doctor that i was going to see, was not a good fit for me, as there was a huge personality clash right off the bat between her and i. I am a very complex person, in large part due to my autism/sensory issues, plus what i have had to endure here at my house for the past twenty years, so this didn't surprise me. Luckily, i was able to speak right up and advocate well for myself with the nursing staff, who were all very nice and easy to work with. I told them my concerns and fears, and they were veery understanding. They set me up to talk to that clinic's supervisor, another kind lady who totally knew all my issues with autism, sensory issues, and how it is hard for me to get along with people who are blunt, strict, and she set me up right away with another doctor here in their Santa Maria clinic, who she said will definitely be a good fit, because he works with alot of autistic people, and he is very friendly, very mellow, very open and compassionate. My new appointment with my new doctor will be on Tuesday, March 29th at 4:15 PM. Luckily for me too, is that this clinic is all networked in together with the same clinics in Lompoc, which is too long of a drive for me, Nipomo---where i went today----Santa Maria, my hometown,---where i will be going on the 29th----and a bunch of others here on the Central i do not have to change anything or fill out anymore new forms.

I am proud of myself for actually taking charge and turning what could have been another trainwreck into a good experience today. I was able to actually take another sack of lemons that i got handed, and turn it into lemonade today. When i actually felt like running out of that clinic several times while i was there!!!!

I feel hopeful that i am on my way, headed in the right direction now.

Sometimes it is a process to find the right medical provider...and sadly, i had to go through several long years, decades, of sheer hell to finally find good medical help. These new community clinics seem to be all about being here for us patients....and not for that, in itself, give me a renewed hope in our healthcare system.

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