Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Notice To All Of My Caregivers

I think of all the people I know, and there are many, who drive to and from jobs 5+ days per week. They don't get paid by their employer to drive to and from work, as how a person gets to work has always been their own responsibility--never the employers.
However, understandably and being reasonable, if the employer asks the employee to run errands for them, using their own car and gas, it would only be right for the employer to pay for the gas. BUT, doing the math, errands run locally, even with a car that only gets 10 MPG, should not exceed one gallon of gas and one gallon of gas is under $5. So the employer should not have to pay more than $5 per week for one set of errands run once per day....those five days a week.
I also think about all those same people I know with jobs and the other responsibilities they have to themselves while at work. Most employers only offer a restroom and water, as is in most cases required by law. Some employers offer coffee, but that is not required by law. And, also not required by law, employers do not have to provide food or snacks or internet for their employees. Again, the latter items mentioned are the responsibility of the employee to provide for themselves.
Reflecting on all of the above, I wish to say:

Unfortunately, I'm handicapped and require the aid of a caregiver. These caregivers work in my home. My home is their workplace. I do my best to provide as congenial and pleasant a work environment as I can, but the above issues keep arising and are causing misplaced unjustified tensions between me and my caregivers. 

I'm not rich. I have bills and responsibilities just like everyone else even though I do not work at a job. I cannot afford to pay more than is right and just what is owed justifiably for any errands run for me. My compassion wishes I could, but I just cannot. Doing so in the past has caused me great financial hardship and mental anguish, because of all the times I was clearly taken great advantage of, and it just cannot continue. So, please, if you come to work in my home, please bring your own sustenance and so forth. And, come in full acceptance of this understanding so there are no hard feelings. Thank you.

I forgot to mention in this that all caregivers need to know i am Autistic, and with that, comes alot of sensory issues......that i have special circumstances because i do happen to live on a street where i am being bullied by some of the employees of some of the nearby businesses....hence, why i made the YouTube videos that i made where i **AM** screaming and yelling and venting, and that my Autism does in NO way make me a monster. So, i need for my caregivers to be patient and willing to learn about me before they judge me and walk off on me and make me out to be a villain. Thank you, again.

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