Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black And Gray....With Red-Hot Pain

Black And Gray..With Red-Hot Pain
by Melissa Fields on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 7:40pm
Depressed...i hurt from all sides tonight..i am in this house all alone....
the air outside is cold and was a gloomy day today
and the street monsters were all here in the cage across the street
screaming in and out like demon banshees again......i just want to
roll up in a tight ball and fade into the corner and go far away
from here to somewhere where i will feel and have peace...where i can
hear and see water, green lush grass and trees, and hear the birds
singing in those trees..real birds....not the awful sharp hostile
loud crows that come onto this street...i wish i had someone here tonight
to physically talk to and who would take me out of this pit...i wish i could go
somewhere where i could be healed and healthy again....
i so wish my family would see my plight and how deeply they
hurt me by the way they always snub me and turn their backs on me
I just feel so numb with the pain tonight.....
How much longer, Father God, must i endure this?
Please......i want to dream again...please God...take me where i
will shine again!!!!!!!! Primally i scream this to Your very
Throne Of Grace......
God....please, oh, please, make this STOP!!!!!!!!!
In Jesus' awesome name...amen.

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