Monday, May 10, 2010

Update!!!! Cool News!!!!!!

I am finally going to be moving off of Mean Bully Monster Street!!!! Due to my dilligence in keeping my blogs going here on Blogspot, getting hooked up with tons of really wonderful, awesome autism community friends on facebook and my notes and blogs and other projects on there--i have finally been able to get the help i need to get out of here. I can't say that much about this right now, but when i am all settled up in Idaho, i will blog about it and tell everyone the details.

Just suffice it to say, i will be out of this pit within two months and living up in Idaho near my mom and sister and other family. There are good doctors there, as well as better services for me....and once out of here---i know i willl feel like a human being again. Then, i plan to get dilligent about writing my life story and getting my poetry and artwork published also.

I am OVER-THE MOON HAPPY tonight!!!!! I finally see the real LIGHT at the end of my tunnel--and i am running towards it as fast as i can!!!!!!!!

I will talk to everyone soon!! Thank you all to everyone who is following me and supporting me!!! God bless you all!!!! :)

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